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Dave Szczepanek's Farm Tractor & Grain Dumper Fleet Has Arrived!

Dave has skillfully added a fleet of six Super ReallyWood Big Farm Tractors and Grain Dumpers to support his wood toy Combines. Check out Dave's detailed photos and construction tips. He's even added a few personal signature custom details. Be prepared to be inspired!


Joe Mueller Creates Beautifully Crafted and Painted Toys

Joe Mueller creates beautifully crafted and painted toys. His painted finishes are exquisite. Joe says what inspires him is he loves seeing the little ones get a kick out of playing with with the toys he builds. We can just imagine the squeals of delights from the kids!


Bruce Empol Masters Toymaking Production

Bruce Empol is a Vietnam Vet and union electrician who lives in Las Vegas. Bruce's grandchildren inspire his toymaking adventures. He's enjoying a successful toy business and also loves donating toys to encourage children with cancer. Bruce never turns down a request for a toy truck or train from a needy child.


Jim Davis Elevates Toymaking To Fine Art

Jim Davis of Greenville, Michigan is the owner of JD's Wood Crafts and Photography. Jim is always busy building toys that he sells at crafts fairs across the country. His fantastic attention to detail is nothing short of toymaking as fine art. You'll be amazed at the sheer quantity and quality of work that Jim produces!


Dave's Workmanship Shines with the Super ReallyWood Dump Truck

Breaker, Breaker.......Trucks are Rolling! Dave Szczepanek impresses yet again with his Super ReallyWood Dump Trucks.


Norm Builds Perfect Precision Toys

Norm Benjamin is a highly skilled furniture craftsman who recently discovered toymaking. Wood toymaking has been a refreshing change. A toymaking project can be completed in a significantly shorter time period and making toys is so much more affordable than building fine furniture. Plus the added bonus of squeals of happiness from the child receiving the toy is truly an unforgettable experience!


Richard Builds Scroll Saw Toys for Fun and Charity

After 20 years in the Navy, Richard Myers became a tour bus driver. While driving a bus for a trip to Branson, MO Richard stumbled upon a group of scrollers at a theme park called "Mutton Hollow." After touring the scroll saw crafts area of the park he was so inspired by the craft he immediately went to downtown Branson and bought his first scroll saw! This was in the late 80's. He has been at it ever since and has mastered the tool!


Ernie's Animal Cracker Ark Gets Lots of Smiles

Ernie built the Noah's Animal Cracker Ark using pieces of scrap wood and scrap plywood for the Ark and scrap cut-offs from a fence to build the Animals. He gave the Ark as a Christmas present to his 6 year old granddaughter. She simply loves it and has found endless hours of fun with the animals because of their size. This was a perfect gift.


Dave Szczepanek Builds Beautiful Farm Combines

Dave builds the Super ReallyWood Combine wood toy. He finishes some of his Combines naturally and paints others. The ends results are stunning!


Dave Szczepanek's Jolly Roger Pirate Ships are Ship-Shape!

Dave shares his logistics planning photos for the Quick & Easy Jolly Roger Pirate Ship armada of ships as he prepares them to set sail!


Super ReallyWood Combine
Build using a table saw and hand drill. This fun farm toy is a best seller! 

Quick & Easy Jolly Roger Pirate Ship
Build using a Scroll Saw and Drill. Kids will have lots of fun arranging the cannons and pirates inside the ship!

Scroll Saw Patterns for Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures
25 full-size, easy to make patterns for dinosaurs, prehistoric plants and caves, including prehistoric family and cave dwelling. Available as a printed book or PDF eBook download.

Carpet Buddies Pattern Set
8 Complete Full-Size Plans. Each toy approx. 6" long. Build using a scroll saw or hand saw.

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