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Richard Builds Scroll Saw Toys for Fun and Charity

After 20 years in the Navy, Richard Myers became a tour bus driver. While driving a bus for a trip to Branson, MO Richard stumbled upon a group of scrollers at a theme park called "Mutton Hollow." After touring the scroll saw crafts area of the park he was so inspired by the craft he immediately went to downtown Branson and bought his first scroll saw! This was in the late 80's. He has been at it ever since and has mastered the tool!

Richard is now retired, and enjoys spending many hours in his shop on his scroll saw, especially enjoying patterns. Over the years he's given aways a lot of toys to different groups and individuals such as to the Blazin' Blades Scroll Saw Club in his native Western PA, and to to the Toys for Tots program every Christmas.

Above: Richard poses proudly with all the dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures from the book, Scroll Saw Patterns for Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures. And just look at the quality of the construction and detail on the Noah’s Animal Cracker Art, it is a true keepsake.

Above (clockwise from bottom left): Richard builds Wild Woody's Cruisin' Diner (we love how he added a special touch to the play set as a graduation present by giving all the "little people" graduation caps!) The Astronaut Acrobats stacking toy. Give Thanks scroll saw puzzle. The Mommy’s Kitties Play Set is well done with a high gloss finish. The Carpet Scooter Choo Choo shows that Richard has an appealing artistic flair and tenderness that appeals to a child’s heart. The Bunny Express is a riot of color!

Above: Richard’s Sweetheart Teddy Bears and Honey Tree is delightful and is perfectly executed. It is remarkable how skilled he is at painting the toys and his photo staging is fun with the little bear peeking through the top of the honey tree. The touch of humor made us chuckle.

Above: Richard shows off his superb scrolling and painting skills with his super cute Carpet Buddies.

We are looking forward to seeing more of Richard’s photos of his toy projects and of his toymaking workshop. We are impressed with Richard’s great skill at cutting out accurate parts for toys and also with his assembly techniques and finishing methods that are done to perfection. Our hats off to a Master Toymaker.

Richard can be contacted at

Scroll Saw Patterns for Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures
25 full-size, easy to make patterns for dinosaurs, prehistoric plants and caves, including prehistoric family and cave dwelling. Available as a printed book or PDF eBook download.

Noah's Animal Cracker Ark
Build using only a scroll saw and hand drill! Store the animals safely inside the ark. This play set sells like hotcakes at carfts fairs.

Wild Woodys Cruisin' Diner
Scroll Saw Plan Set
Wild Woodys is truly a riot! Easy to make with just a scroll saw and a hand drill. each vehicle is about 4-1/2" long.

Sweetheart Teddy Bears
& Honey Tree
Join the Teddy Bear family as they load up the Honey Wagon and head ou to their favorite Honey Tree for a fun-filled day of hide-and-seek with their animal friends Fooda Pig and Pooda Pup!

Carpet Buddies Pattern Set
8 Complete Full-Size Plans. Each toy approx. 6" long. Build using a scroll saw or hand saw.

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