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Udie Builds the Freaky Ford Coupe

Watch the video featuring Master Toymaker Imants Udris (Udie) as he builds the Freaky Ford Coupe in 3 different woods. Udie guides us through the steps of making multiple parts with a router using MDF, Pine and Cedar. Then, Udie shares his tips and techniques for finishing each wood type using paint and varnishes.


Make Router Templates for Building Multiple Play Pals Wood Toy Cars

Imants Udris "Udie" shares his tips on multiples of specific toys. You can save a lot of time and reduce the repetition of some steps and processes by creating templates you can use with a router. Even if you've never used a router bit or are not familiar with routers you'll want to read this article. This may be a tool to add to your woodshop!


Detailing the Easy Basics Top Gun Aircraft Carrier

Master Craftsman "Udie" shares his tips on the detail finishing for the Easy Basics Top Gun Aircraft Carrier: beginning with cutting the compound angle on the Hull, modifications to the Tower, masking and painting the Hull and Flight Deck components and the Final Assembly.


Ricardo and Celine Build the FREE Playtime Dragons

Watch Ricardo Cardenas and Celine Tran build the 6 Playtime Dragons wood toys with just a scroll saw and hand drill. You can download this free plan set for a limited time and start building toys today!


How To Safely Make Thin Wood Strips

Learn to safely make thin wood strips on your table saw! In this video Imant Udris shows how to safely saw thin wood strips with a table saw from standard framing lumber. Also, some toy plans require a wide piece of wood and a thinness that sometimes you can't easily purchase locally, but this isn't a problem! You can use the thin strips you've made to glue up wide-board panels.


Save Time & Money! Make Wide Boards with this Simple Jig

Save money and time on wide boards for toymaking! Make your own wide wood boards using scrap lumber with this popular and easy glue jig. Works great for thin and wide toy parts. Imants Udris demonstrates in this video how to make a simple jig to glue up strips of wood to make wide boards for about any size wood toy part. He'll also show us how to modify this simple jig to make it even better.


Build a Perfect Rotating Turntable for Painting Toy Parts

Expert Wood Toymaker Imants Udris shows how to make an inexpensive perfect turntable for spray or brush painting wood toy parts. Spray painting toy parts just got a lot faster and easier with this simple solution. It's a snap to construct from readily available materials. And once it's completed and put to use you will wonder how you ever got along without it!


How-To Build the Boat Tail for the 1912 Barney Oldfield Race Car

Refer to this step-by-step pattern supplement for safely building the Boat Tail for the 1912 Barney Oldfield. These instructions are also included in the plan set.


How to Drill Axle Holes for Small Wheels Made From Wood Dowel Stock

Learn to accurately find the center of toy wheels cut from dowel stock. This article takes you step-by-by on creating a jig to help you accurately and quickly drill the center axle hole for small toy wheels cut from dowels.


How to Cut Angled Parts for Top Gun Aircraft Carrier

TOP GUN USS ENTERPRISE Part 1 and Part 2 PATTERN SUPPLEMENT. How to safely cut angled Part 1 and Part 2 for Top Gun Aircraft Carrier.

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